Chonlaya Laothong (Ya)

Founder | Teacher

Ya is a professional Chef and a Master of Thai cuisine.

• Rajamangala Institute of Technology
• Siam International Hotel - Bangkok
• Casablanca Restaurant - Jakarta
• Hotel Executive Chef - Luxembourg
• F&B Manager at Ao Nang Villa Resort

Choose one ofOUR PROGRAMS

We are pleased to offer expert tuition in traditional Thai cooking. We can handle groups up to 50 people.

Black girls at the Krabi Cooking Courses

Each cooking course includes introduction to the ingredients, overview of typical Thai vegetables and fruits, preparation of spicy Thai salads and other dishes of classical Thai cuisine.

Each student receives the hands on training necessary to master the art of Thai cuisine.

All dishes can be adapted to taste or vegetarian preferences.

Students have a chance to taste dishes they cook and receive a free recipe book.

One of the secrets of Thai cooking is the use of spices - we will describe nearly all of them and show how to use them.

Each student is provided with individual utensils, wok and stove.

1 Day Cooking Course

» Cook Book Recipe and Instruction
» Preparation of various dishes, pastes and sauces extensively used in Thai cuisine such as green curry, red curry and massaman curry
» Introduction to typical Thai Vegetables and Fruits and preparation of Spicy Thai Salads
» Transportation
» Lunch or Dinner

Available Upon Request

» Special training for professionals
(local or overseas)
» Overseas lecturing (travel expenses, per diem and lecturing fee required)

3 Day Cooking Course

» Cook Book Recipe and Instruction
» Program A and B course
» Introduction to typical Thai fruits and vegetables and preparation of spicy Thai salads
» 1 room with big size bed (2 nights)
» Continental breakfast
» Furnished kitchen
Price: 5500 ฿ per person